Central and South America

Ecuador: Amazon and Galapagos Islands – 12 days / 11 nights

Quito, Yasuni National Park, Santa Cruz Island

Get ready for an adventure to the middle of the earth—the equator! From the rain forests of the Amazon and the Yasuni National Park to the more arid Galapagos Islands, this region offers experiences in culture, animal encounters and with plant species accessible nowhere else in the world. With your natural historian at your side, you will see why many of the sites in Ecuador are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Ecuador with Galapagos Islands – 9 days / 8 nights

Quito, Otavalo Valley & Galapagos Islands

Feel like you’re the center of attention when our Ecuador tour puts you in the middle of the earth. You’ll be immersed in the cultures of both the people and the creatures that live their lives on the equator — above and below water — among the natural beauty of this South American country and the neighboring Galapagos Islands.

Costa Rica – 7 Days / 6 Nights

Tortuguero, Arenal, Guanacaste & San Jose
Uncover the mysteries of nature at its most beautiful — in the heart of the Central American rainforest. Our Costa Rica family vacations give you a new point-of-view — from above the treetops to within the river rapids — of this ecological wonderland.

Peru – 9 Days // 8 Nights

Machu Picchu, Lima, Sacred Valley & Cusco 
Explore the ruins of an ancient civilization and then — through the celebrations and traditions of their ancestors — get a first-hand glimpse into what life was like in the time of the Incas. The Peru vacation, which includes a Machu Picchu tour, is a vibrant and festive adventure that spotlights a unique culture.
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